ReFoods is a new program by Green Minds LFLB. 

We have asked local supermarkets to participate and hopefully we will be able to launch our first pilot in this program soon.

We will pick up food supermarkets can't sell (it has reached the "best buy" date). We will bring these groceries to Food Deserts (neighborhoods without grocery stores, often located in low income neighboods) where we will offer them at a fraction of regular cost - just enough to cover the transportation cost, but enough to enable low income families to provide for themselves.

We hope to help low income families get easier access to healthy food for their children, while at the same time reduce Childhood Hunger and Food Waste.

We will safe tax payer money by reducing food waste in the landfills.

We will reduce unnecessary methane emmissions from landfills by making sure the food is eaten.

The Supermarkets will safe money dumping the food and they can get a tax deduction from their donations.

Model 1 shows a traditional waste stream from the supermarkets.


Photo taken March 2nd 2016 in Madison, WI of the dumpster behind a grocery market. ReFoods works to prevent it from ending in the landfills and sending it to the Food Deserts.




Model 2 shows the ReFoods waste stream

ReFoods by Green Minds

Let’s put an end to Food Waste and curb Childhood Hunger

If you are interested in helping making ReFoods a success please email us at

Do you know a supermarket that is willing to donate good foods they otherwise throw out?

Would you like to volunteer with the ReFoods Program?

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